We’re local, and we’ve been in the business since 1965

Lake Travis Overhead Doors was founded by owners Doug Burd and Melanie Johnson, long-time residents of the Lake Travis area. Melanie has founded and managed multiple businesses, and Doug’s father owned a garage-door repair business, which started in 1965. Doug grew up working in that business. When he was a little kid, it was nothing but heavy wooden doors, but Doug has watched the industry change over the decades with new materials and new technologies. “There are hundreds of different door styles now and you have to know about the weight, the durability, how they are made, and how each should be installed,” Doug said. “If you have insulated aluminum and glass, the door can be 600 or 700 pounds, and those require special hardware and installation techniques. Brochures and websites can be confusing, so we guide our customers through the entire process”

When you hire Lake Travis Overhead Doors, you get Melanie and Doug and their decades of experience.

How are we different?

We educate our customers

Garage doors offer a lot of selections in terms of styles, materials, hardware, insulation, technology and more, and it can be confusing. But don’t worry, we will guide you and educate you the whole way.

You get upgraded springs (no extra cost)

Unlike many of our competitors, we use high-cycle springs that increase the life of the spring. Average garage-door springs have about 10,000 open cycles, and most wear out in eight or 10 years. We use longer springs and/or larger diameter springs to make them last longer. You get the same amount of torque and lift support, but the spring will last for about 25,000 opens cycles. We don’t charge more, but it’s a huge value for our customers.

You get heavy-duty, upgraded hardware (no extra cost)

When we build your garage door, all the components we use are heavy duty. For no extra charge, we upgrade the hardware, the hinges, the rollers, the struts, the tracks and the springs. Instead of the standard roller with no bearings, we use a commercial-grade roller with 13 bearings and they last much longer. Regular hinges get fatigued and can tear in half, but we install heavy-duty hinges, as well as extra support struts and reinforced tracks.

Upgraded rubber seal (no extra cost)

Some doors come with rubber floor seals that are poor quality, so we replace them with upgraded rubber for no extra charge. It’s especially good for insulation and keeping out bugs, snakes, mice, etc.

You get a great warranty

We offer a lifetime warranty on installation for all high-cycle springs. Our workmanship warranty is one year, and warranties on doors and hardware vary according to individual manufacturers.

Yes, we offer great style advice

Not quite sure what would work best on your home? Yes, we even can provide recommendations for door style, design and color.

Lake Travis resident Doug Burd, co-owner of Lake Travis Overhead Doors, has been servicing and installing garage doors for decades. 

You get Doug.

When you request service, you get Doug. That means decades of experience, a great work ethic, and an eye for style. You’re welcome.

(When finished, please return Doug so others may benefit from his services.)


These are the people who are running this operation

Here's Melanie

Melanie is the one you will connect with when you call or email. She’ll listen to what you need and schedule a service call. She’s nice. You’ll like Melanie.

Here's doug

Doug is the seasoned expert who shows up at your home or place of business … where ever you have a garage door in need. He’s very focused in this photo. No, he’s not acting.

Here's Melanie + doug

This is Melanie and Doug. Together. They are having dinner, or something like that. We’re pretty sure you get the idea.




What are the symptoms? Most of our customers only need maintenance or a simple repair, but contact us and we’ll send our expert to check it out !